I can’t do this

My oldest is sick. So is my father. I have three-month old twins at home that I’m desperately trying to feed and otherwise care for at half the level of devotion given to my first born. I am so tired. None of my clothes fit. My breasts are killing me. Every sweet gesture from my husband breaks my heart because I don’t deserve it. I don’t know how to do this anymore but I don’t know how to quit either. I’m afraid there is no quitting.

4 thoughts on “I can’t do this

  1. You are better at this than you give yourself credit for. Also: this stuff sucks. As a wise friend told me: Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing great. And even when you aren’t, who cares? Love to your papa, and the babes, but mostly to you (and your heart. Because daddies. <3)

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