Things I think about when I should be sleeping

  • Why does the kid’s bathroom smell funny?
  • When was the last time I cleaned the bath toys?
  • Maybe the bath toys are horrifically moldy and that’s why it smells?
  • Oh god, I don’t have the time or energy to clean all those stupid squeezy toys.
  • Maybe I can just throw them away and get new ones. Henry doesn’t even take baths anymore and the babies are too small for toys. No one will notice.
  • Who am I kidding, Henry will notice within five minutes. Damn.
  • All bath toys should be dishwasher safe.
  • Man, my boobs really hurt. 
  • Was that Calvin or Lucy?
  • Is Henry just coughing in his sleep or awake and coughing?
  • Is there any chance I will get a nap today? Seems unlikely. 
  • I need to order more diapers.
  • That swing makes such a godawful noise. We really need to move the babies into their crib.
  • How are we going to fit two cribs in that room? 
  • We will have to move the love seat.
  • I wonder how much we could sell it for? Or maybe we can give it away in exchange for pick up? Totally worth it.
  • Was that Lucy or Calvin? 
  • Nope, Henry. Definitely awake and coughing. FML. 

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