No babies part 2

I’m now sitting in the airport. . . with no babies (at least none that are mine). It’s exhilarating. Yet, I can’t quite shake the feeling I’m missing something, something really important. The constant mommy vigilance is hard to turn off. Poor Henry. I’ll probably start trying to bottle feed and burp him any minute now.

I didn’t say a proper goodbye to the littles this morning. I knew I couldn’t handle it. There perfect, warm, compact little bodies melt me with every snuggle. And they slept extra well last night, making them even more lovable than usual. So, I basically ran for the door, pulling Henry along, and yelling instructions and thank yous to the au pair over my shoulder.

It’s such a short time away. And it will be good for the hubs to have some more one-on-one bonding time but damn I miss my nuggets already. Badly. Even if they are terrible eaters and nappers who spend a fair portion of every day yelling at me for no apparent reason. I guess getting away is a good way to remind myself I actually do love even the hardest parts of my life. Must tuck that away for future reference.

Another big benefit to the trip. Time alone with my little man:

I’ve missed him these past four months as I’ve spent most of my waking hours tending to the babies’ needs. I’m so glad we get to do this together, even if the ultimate reason for the trip isn’t the happiest. We will make it happy.

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