First day back 

7:30 – working out; feeling good, kind of panicky, but mostly good

8:30 – tea at my desk, ahhhhh

10:00 – I don’t remember how to do this. why won’t the copy machine fax my fsa documents? is that case really going to trial? I miss my babies.

10:20 – okay, figured out the fax. Why hasn’t the au pair texted me back yet? Are the babies napping? I should probably call my shrink for an appointment, or at least more meds. Probably both.

11:49 – hungry. Why didn’t I pack real food for lunch?

12:34 – apples and peanut butter for lunch (mostly pb); ordered more meds online (bless the Internets); so cold in my office, wish I could wear standard SAHM clothes, much warmer. Need to bring a scarf tomorrow.

1:24 – hair up; I tried, I really did, I even blow dried it for the first time in months, but long hair just gets in my mouth when it’s down. Too much pb interference.

2:26 – is it time to go home yet? I feel like it should be time to go home now. I need baby cuddles stat.

2:38 – still not time to go home yet

3:59 – wow, work days go by way faster than at home days. Only 30 mins to go. Then the second shift starts. No idea what we are doing for dinner. Oh well, I doubt we will starve.

4:30 – done! Here I come my loves!

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