Things I want to remember 

I realize a lot of my posts lately might seem negative or at least a bit melancholy, but that is my truth a lot of the time. However, my truth also includes many sweet moments that I want to remember when my little ones are big. Moments I would never have had had I not had three small children. Things like:

  • Henry singing himself to sleep at full volume;
  • The first time Lucy smiled;
  • When we discovered, during a diaper change, just how ticklish Calvin is;
  • The twins’ first belly laughs;
  • Henry dismissing the other pregnant moms at daycare for only having one baby in their bellies;
  • The perfect smoothness and softness of my babies’ skin;
  • The look on Matt’s face when I gave birth to our first child;
  • The first time Henry said, “I love you, mama.” And eveytime he’s said it since.
  • The period of time we were convinced Henry would never crawl but instead barrel roll his way to college;
  • The way Calvin’s face lights up when he sees me, and when he’s trying to eat his small stuffed bunny;
  • Henry’s inability to combine the letter s with any other consonant (e.g., “That food is too picy;” “Look mamma, a quirrel!”)
  • Henry’s verbal tics from daycare (“Well . . .; probably yes; actually; so guys”);
  • Seeing the twins really see each other for the first time;
  • The way Henry’s face softens to perfection when he is sleeping;
  • Watching Henry nuzzle Lucy at bedtime while cooing “Lucy girl;”
  • Hearing Henry tell people that he likes Lucy best because she doesn’t cry like Calvin;
  • Watching Calvin make Lucy laugh;
  • Putting the twins down for a nap together and seeing them hold each other’s unswaddled hands.

These are the memories I want to hold on to, the moments that get me through the harder times. This is the joy of parenting. It may not always be fun, but there is such joy.

One thought on “Things I want to remember 

  1. This is so sweet. I love it! It reminds me of an old post of mine
    Cherish those sweet moments, mama 🙂


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