So tired

I’m so tired my hair hurts. Solo night-shift duty with twins is no joke. Doesn’t help that one is sick and both are teething. 

It’s only 8:30 in the morning and I already need a drink. 

These are the days when I question my survival. It’s just so much. So much touching and feeding and carrying and changing and washing and loving. Plus the older one with his mama please get me mama carry me mama I want mama I can’t mama no.

People ask how I do it. Honestly, I just do. What choice do I have? 

13 thoughts on “So tired

  1. We do it because we must, and somehow, by some miracle, each day comes to a close. I feel you! My baby is the worst sleeper of my three and it has certainly given me many days of total insanity. I’m not above bribing my 11 year old with candy (or anything really) so that I might get 30 minutes of rest.

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  2. Hang tough! You’re a badass! I have 2 boys they are 15 and 11. When they were little I would go to the bathroom and shut the door to cry. I would see little hands under the door moving their fingers asking to come in. I thought I was in the twilight zone. When they were little sleep was like gold to me. If someone would’ve offered me sleep or gold…. Without a doubt.. Sleep is what I’d pick! 😉 Somedays we are badass… Other days we are BADASS MOTHERFUCKING JONES! You’re BADASS MOTHERFUCKING JONES! ❤️

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  3. i’ve spent he last 3 days on the bathroom floor cleaning up shit and puke. up all night cleaning up more shit and puke. i’m so fucking tired too. here’s to naps…and wine. xo

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