I am the mom

For the longest time I found the idea that I am the mom mostly terrifying. But I’m starting to realize it’s also incredibly empowering. 

I am the mom. I am the one, above all others, my children look to for comfort. I am the one who can soothe them when they are sick or frightened. I am the one they look to when they are sad and confused by the world. I help them understand. I make them feel better.

I am their safe harbor in the sea of life. Their rock. Their constant.

It is a big and sometimes scary responsibility. But it is also such an important and amazingly rewarding task. 

I am the mom. They made me so and in return I get to help make them. To shape who and how they will be in this world. And that makes me want to be better, so that they have an example of someone who (generally) does the right thing, or at least tries to.

It also means that I get to show them that even when you try your hardest sometimes you fail. And that’s okay too. That the trying is what really matters. Because success is never guaranteed but trying anyway means living your life on your terms, doing what you want to do, striving to be better even if you will never be best.

These are the kind of lessons I am still trying to learn for myself. Because I am the mom, it is even more important that I apply myself. That I strive to live with compassion and courage, every single day.

Being the mom makes me want to be a better person which makes me a better person. And helps me to shape better little people to go out into the world and do whatever they love best. With all of my love and support. Always and unconditionally. 

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