Six months of love

I realize my babies are just siblings with the same birthday, even still it surprises me at times how different they really are.

Calvin is all about movement. He wants to roll and push and pull himself as much as possible. He’s only still for eating and sleeping purposes, if that.

Lucy is all about touch. She wants to be held and cuddled as much as possible. She will contentedly sit in my lap (anyone’s lap, really) for hours. 

Calvin is definitely the eater. Big on bottles, now big on solids. He gets the wiggles and happy screams whenever it’s time for a feeding. 

Lucy could take food or leave it; she’ll eat when she’s really hungry but she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, at least not yet.

Lucy concentrates most of her energy on being a social butterfly. She was the first to smile, the first to make eye contact, the first to notice when I left the room. All she wants is for you to look at her and preferably to touch her and even more preferably to simply carry her around all day long.

They are six months old today and things are good, except when they aren’t. Having twins still feels overwhelming at times but also doable in the sense that we are already half way through the first year–everyone still alive, husband and I still married.

I don’t expect having three small children will ever truly feel easy for me. I’m just not that kind of girl. But I am enjoying the moments of sweetness and light more than I had been, which seems like a shift in the right direction. I still have my dark days but they no longer threaten to repeat themselves infinitely, which is nice. 

So, I guess it’s a happy Valentine’s Day after all, sort of. I mean, I haven’t cried yet.


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