Mama ubegi

So apparently West Africa has the highest number of twins per capita relative to anywhere else in the world. If you give birth to twins there, you’re given special status, a special nickname, special treatment. Because twins are considered a wonderful, yet difficult thing.

In the US, I have found that people just ask you inappropriate questions about how your twins came to be and generally expect you to get on by yourself just fine.

Well, I’m here to clarify the twins are fucking hard. I mean, we are talking about TWO babies at once. 

For all of you who’ve had one baby at once just let that sink in–two babies at the same time. All of their baby needs, all of the diapers, the witching hours, the up all night crying for no apparent reason, the spit up, the blow outs, the baths, the need to be held, to be carried, to be bounced, times two. All. Day. And. All. Night.

I know there are women out their with triplets and more. Girlfriends, I don’t begin to understand how you do it. I have six month old twins and a three year old singleton and I am slowly losing my mind, even on the good days. 

It’s just so much need to be met, mostly be me, and I’ve never been that good at taking care of myself, let alone me plus three vulnerable, small children. It’s terribly rewarding when it goes well but also terrifying pretty much all the time. So far my screw-ups have been small but I’m so scared of what might happen if I’m not able to keep all of these balls in the air at once. If I fuck up, do we all come tumbling down? I hope we never have to find out.

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