Living not writing

We’ve been busy lately. Easter and other family things, plus the daycare plague slowly making its way through every member of the household (hopefully I’m not next). Basically, I’ve been living and not writing because sometimes it’s hard to do both. Writing requires pauses in between the big things, time to reflect and then articulate.  There haven’t been many pauses lately. Work is busy. Home is busy. Nightime has been more for sleeping than insomnia (thank god!). We are doing well. I mean, everyday is its own struggle in some way but, for the most part, the struggle is not so bad. Plus there is this:


Parenting Sober

So I’ve decided to stop drinking. Not forever but for now. I know, I know. Parenting three kids three and under without any wine sounds like a terrible idea, but that’s the thing. I have found myself drinking more and more lately to the point where I’m not comfortable with it. It’s too much and it’s not the way I want to parent or deal with being a parent. So I’m on the wagon. At least since yesterday. We will see how tonight goes.


Things are feeling better and I’m trying to keep it that way. I still feel overwhelmed, especially in the evenings, but I’ll sort that out eventually. I just have to keep reminding myself of all the amazing things I already have going for me: healthy kiddos, loving husband, supportive family, flexible boss. I can do this. I know I can. It won’t be perfect, but nothing ever is. I just want it to be fun, at least some of time. That seems doable. And doable seems like a good goal.