Mother’s Day

This Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day as the mother of three children, including  twins. Up until we decided to get some assistance with our “reproduction,” the idea I might have multiples never crossed my mind. Even when I signed the waiver from our doctor’s office acknowledging and accepting the risk, I didn’t really think it would happen. I just couldn’t imagine how I would survive two babies at once. And yet here I am. Sleep-deprived, anxious as all get out, and often annoyed by my spouse, but also experiencing moments of such pure joy watching my two babies grow together as only twins can. They will be nine months old on the 14th. Thing aren’t getting easier but we are making it work all the same. And I may feel crazy some (most) of the time and I may self-medicate more than I should, but my kids are happy and healthy and my marriage is solid and my co-workers still think I’m a damn good lawyer (which I am), so I’m going to go ahead a give myself a pat on the back, instead of the usual reprimand for the myriad of things I have done and will likely continue to do wrong. I’m doing my best, most of the time, and when I’m not I know it and I try to do better. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still sure to mess up my self-care, parenting, relationship with my husband, and more in some way pretty much everyday. Guaranteed. But I will also get stuff right, lots of stuff, and so long as my kids grow up knowing they are truly, madly, unconditionally loved, I’m going to call that a win. For everyone.

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