Speak up!

Today is world mental health day, which I didn’t even know was a thing but I am so glad it is. We go to doctors to take care of our physical bodies all the time and without ever having to consider whether someone, even someone close to us, might consider being sick a personal failing, a lack of trying hard enough to be well, or simply a lie — that we are not actually sick. But going to see a doctor, or other professional care provider, to take care of our mental health (our minds/thoughts/emotions — really our core selves) is often stigmatized. To avoid stigma, people don’t get the help they need or hide what help they have gotten so that it can never serve as a hopeful example to someone else.

This is all bullshit. 

It is 2016. People constantly bombard each other with the most inane personal information about their lives through every possible electronic means. Why not share something that is actually meaningful and helpful, lifesaving even? 

I am not ashamed of my struggle to survive and thrive despite my depression and anxiety and postpartum what-have-you. I am a fucking warrior and I will share and overshare for the good of all of us. Because none of us are untouched by mental heath issues in some way and not one of us should feel like we are alone in this. Ever. Speak up. It helps. It helps everyone. #worldmentalhealthday #endthestigma #iamstigmafree #itsokaynottobeokay

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