Hello, I’m Alison. Mother of three (including a four-year old boy and one-year old boy-girl twins), wife to my college sweetheart, and and also an attorney. Generally things are good, except when they are not. Recently, things have been pretty darn rough. Writing about both the good and the bad seems to help. That and therapy and some chemical assistance and yoga and running and reading and being with friends and talking and not talking and sleeping (but not too much).

I started this blog as a platform for putting my crazy out into the world rather than keeping it all bottled up inside, where it tends to turn dark and shameful. It has turned out to be a pretty scary yet exhilarating thing to let me truth go out into world, mostly unfiltered. I have gotten an amazing amount of positive feedback from friends and perfect strangers. I am reminded every time I post how much love and support I am blessed to have in my life and how much love and support I hope to offer others, even if it is just be providing a helpful example of how you actually do totally have your shit together because good god at your life is way less messed up than mine (it’s funny because it’s true).

And though it wasn’t my primary motivation when I started this blog, the hands down number one reason why I continue to write it and to focus as much as I do on my mental health struggles, is because mental health is so important and yet mental illness continues to be treated as something to be ashamed of. I write because I want to do my part to break the stigma.

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